best of all worlds #2

In this weeks show; my favourites from Greymatter’s debut album, ‘Mind Over Matter’, a killer track from Rahel, titled ‘HOPE’, Mark De Clive-Lowe on the production, big tune from Jay Electronica… a great Alif Tree remix from Compost Black, dub step madness from the likes of Raffertie, Pangaea and Martyn… and loads more!

Tracks –

Mark De Clive Lowe Presents Rahel – Hope
Cvees – Spread_Love_To_Ya
Comfort Fit – Thursday_Is_Thursty
Freddie Cruger – Rainy_Days_(Feat Adl & Linn)
Jay Electronica – Exhibit_C
Silhouette Brown – Leave_A_Note
Tomorrow’s_People – Open_Soul
Gil Scott-Heron – On_Coming_From_A_Broken_Home
A Made Up Sound – Sun_Touch
Alif Tree – Aurevoir_(John_Gazoo_Remix)
Greymatter – Raw_Root
Greymatter – When_I_Was_Lost
Jose James – Code
Raffertie – String_Theory
Tkr – Ultralow
Pangaea – Because_Of_You
Greymatter – Mind_Over_Matter
Martyn – These_Words_(Feat_Dbridge_-_Roska’s_Speechless_Mix)


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