best of all worlds #20

In this weeks edition, I featured a few of my favourites from the recently released Brownswood compilation titled Worldwide Family Vol. 1, compiled by Belgian selector Lefto and London based dj and producer Simbad.  The compilation is split across two cds, and contains 27 fantastic tracks from the likes of well known established artists such Cooly G, Seiji and Zed bias; as well as lesser known but equally talented new generation musicians such as the Brassroots, 74 Miles Away and Dela & The Headlesshunters.  Unfortunately I only managed to squeeze in 3 tracks from the compilation in this weeks edition.  I’ll try to play a few other favourites of mine in the next edition.  With some much good music around, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to fit it all into one hour.  Maybe I should extend the length of my podcasts.  Anyways, moving on…

Also in the weeks edition, music from Mosca, music from Richard Spaven, the Spaven’s 5ive mini album on Jazz Refreshed is sounding good… house music from Anthony Shake Shakir, a soulful cut from Olivier Daysoul, Eric Lau on the production, and left field dubstep action from Gang Colours.

So make sure you tune into the first best of all worlds podcast of 2011…

Thanks for listening,


Tracks –

Dela & The Headlesshunters – London Town
Hain Teny – Strollin (Original Mix)
Mosca – Tilt Shift
UpHigh Collective feat. Delvis – Blend Revised
Richard Spaven – Rockers Round Window
Kemeticjust feat. Terrance Dow – I Got Life
Seiji – Whisky
Anthony Shake Shakir – Get A Feeling
Doobie J & Rob Capewell feat. Ashley Stone – Black Heels (Vocal Mix)
Pete Dafeet – In Flux (Original Mix)
Space Invadas feat. Jade Macrae – Life
Olivier Daysoul (Music by Eric Lau) – Finer Things In Life
Ronnie Stephenson & Kenny Clare – Caravan
Gideon Van Gelder – Moonstone (Toninho Horta)
Gang Colours – No Clear Reason


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