best of all worlds #62

In this weeks podcast, music from Letherette, debut album out on Ninja, really liking what I’m hearing, worth checking the album out…

Also in this weeks podcast, new music from Dusky, Anushka and xxxy…

Thanks for listening,


Tracks –

Dub Mechz – Change Of Direction / Deep Medi
Cluekid – Rainy Street Light / Box Clever
Letherette – Cold Clam / Ninja Tune
David Borsu – Everybody / Broadcite
The Sign Of Four & Sun Suite – Morocco / Jazzman
The Killer Funk Allstars – Home Cookin’ (Mama in the kitchen edit) / Killer Funk US
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On? (Roundhouse Kick Remix) / cdr
Dusky – Dummy / Aus Germany
Headless Ghost – Basik Fire / Clone Royal Oak
Fred Everything – Brothers & Sisters (PM Atlantic) / Local Talk
Letherette – Warstones / Ninja Tune
Portico Quartet – Laker Boo (DVA Hi Emotions remix) / Real World Recrods
Anushka – Yes Guess / Brownswood
Alix Perez feat. Sam Wills – Annie’s Song (Maddslinky remix) / Shogun Audio
xxxy – Progression / Ten Thousand Yen


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