best of all worlds #72

In this weeks podcast, music from Myele Manzanza, better known as the former drummer of the Electric Wire Hustle band, his debut album titled “One” just dropped on BBE and is absolutely fantastic… some great collaborations on it as well… I hear influences of hiphop, soul, jazz and roots music through out the album, it is well written, well composed and extremely exciting on the drumming front… my favourites so far include the tracks titled “Delay” and “Big Space” featuring Marc De Clive Lowe… definitely an album worth buying, trust me you won’t be disappointed…

Also in this weeks podcast, music from Hello Skinny and Fatima…

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Tracks –

Geode – Boogie Woogie feat. C Tivey / Smokin Sessions
Warlock – Too Late / Frijsfo Beats
Ras G – Injera, Lentils, and Kale / Brainfeeder
William Adamson – Burial Blues Revenge / Brownswood
Jeen Bassa – Cool Drink / bandcamp
Fatima – Technology / Eglo
Betty Ford Boys – Everyday / Melting Pot Germany
Myele Manzanza – Delay / BBE
Riot Jazz Brass Band – Suspicious Bulge / First Word
Hello Skinny – Revolutions (Part 1) / Slowfoot
Auntie Flo – Water Of Life / Autonomous Africa
Letherette – Restless (Jimmy Edgar Remix) / Ninja Tune
Alex Jones – Voltage / Hypercolour
Jack Dixon – Edge Of The Universe / Tender Hooks
Bakradze – The Room / 2nd Drop


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