best of all worlds #97

In this weeks podcast, new music from Kaidi Tatham (the new EP is absolutely killer!!! buy buy buy), The Do Yo Thangs and the Renegades Of Jazz…

Thanks for listening,


Tracks –

Galtier – Charm Complex / Infinite Machine
Persian Empire – No Money / Prrrrrrr Records
Tom Terrien – Mai en Ao˚t / Youngbloods
Bajka – Invisible Joy / Philophon
Marcel Vogel – I Wonder Why (feat. Khadija & Tim Jules) / Intimate Friends
The Do Yo Thangs – Indecisive / Hope Street Recordings
Kenny Segal – Summer Thots [dub] / Dome Of Doom
Dexter Story – Wejene Aola / Soundway Records
Renegades Of Jazz – Karibu Tena / Agogo Records
Hardkandy – Dunks / Sonar Kollektiv
Marlow & ComixXx feat. Stee Downes – Something Is Coming / Sonar Kollektiv
Fae Simon – The One That Got Away (Shaun Ashby’s Back II Basic’s Dub) / BBE
4004 – House Calisthenics / Quintessentials
Boris Dlugosch, Session Victim – Keep Pushin’ (Session Victim Remix) / Peppermint Jam Records
Kaidi Tatham – The Extrovert City / 2000black


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