boaw guest mix #4 – Mr. Zula

This week it’s all about beats, breaks and rhymes… Mr. Zula has put together a very special guest mix.  Those of you who don’t know, Mr. Zula is the man behind the internet radio station Radio Zula, you may also know him from his weekly Smoothdown podcasts… mainly supporting the independent musicians, bands and labels.  Just finished listening to his podcast, some hiphop classics in there, some quirky bits, overall a great selection of tunes… don’t miss out on the experience… download, stream and share now.

Oh by the way, just in case if you’re wondering, I will putting up new best of all worlds podcasts soon, unfortunately have been extremely busy in the last few months…

Thanks for listening,


Tracks –

Ackryte – Come Naturally / Independent
Maloon TheBoom – Critical Mind / Boyoom Connective
Amerigo Gazaway – Stakes is High / Gummy Soul
SNK∆ – Yop0 / Independent
Doc Mastermind – Winter Madness Part. 2 / Independent
Kurdish Jackson – Low Life / 4 Real Rec
Karakan – Geniş Zaman / Neşe Müzik
Souls of Mischief – A Name I Call Myself / Gummy Soul
Fl∆ming❍sis x F L A N D Y – Porno Music / Keats Collective
Bongholio Iglesias – So Damn Fresh (LIKS/DITC-RMX) / Independent
Nas – One Love (Je$u$ RMX) / Independent
TimeLess One – Tomorrow Comes Today (Remix) / Collective Resonance
Flofilz – Onceagain (atcq) / Radio Juicy
Kenzie FromWelly – Beautiful / Independent
Jesse Futerman – A Good Man Is Gone / First Word Records
Homecut -Time Difference ft J-Live (Marc Mac Remix) / First Word Records
Lefto – Papapa / Laid Back
Da Poet – Fall In Love / Tektosag Records
Jay Dee – F— The Police (The J.Rocc Re-Work) / Up Above Records
Jack Wilson / Keor Meteor – I Wish I Knew Emmy Rossum / Parliamant Of Strix Records
Robert Glasper Experiment – Move Love (Kaytranada Edition) / Independent


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